Car Care Tips from Barber's Tire and Auto 

Spring Car Maintenance Tips

  •  Check Tires- Make sure the treads on your tires are adequate for rainy weather also check pressure for maximum fuel efficiency
  •  Check Headlights - walk around your vehicle to physically look and see that all of your light bulbs are working and bright
  •  Replace Windshield Wipers - replace windshield wipers at the beginning of each spring or summer
  •  Check Your Brakes - Part of a normal brake inspection should always be to make sure that brake fluids are clean and at the right levels.
  •  Radiator Flush - If the coolant becomes dirty, the radiator itself will begin to break down and corrode. A once-a-year radiator flush will help keep your vehicle running smoothly
  •  Replace Air Filter - Replace the air filter at least twice a year
  •  Check Your Battery - Each spring or summer, check the battery's posts and cables so that your car will start quickly for you every time you use it


Cold Weather Car Care Tips

  •  Get the right kind of oil change
  •   Replace your windshield wipers
  •   Check your battery for corrosion
  •   Examine belts and hoses
  •   Check your tire pressure
  •   Check your 4-wheel drive to make sure it is working properly
  •   Aim for a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water in your radiator
  •   Prepare and emergency kit and store it in your car


Summer Car Care Tips

  •  Have your air conditioner serviced to find refrigerant leaks
  •  Check your battery for leaks and corrosion
  •  Flush and refill your coolant with a 50:50 coolant/ water ratio
  •  Have your tires rotated
  •  Check all fluid levels

We also offer seasonal and trip automobile inspections at all of our three convenient locations in Virginia Beach and Portsmouth, VA. Visit our locations page to find the location near you and call to today to schedule your inspection appointment. 

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